The 5 best chat roulette
apps for Slack

Chat roulettes are a fun way to foster team spirit. The apps on this page all integrate with Slack and nobody needs to sign up with yet another service. You simply pick a channel for which the chat roulettes should be run. So the setup is usually quite simple and fast.
Then the apps will regularly match random members of the channel to have a chat.

When all or most of your team works in the same office, being matched in a chat roulette usually means you meet for a coffee or for lunch. Because the matching is random and can be performed across departments and teams, this is a great way to meet colleagues you otherwise rarely talk to.

When you are a remote-first or even remote-only organization, having a regular chat roulette can replace the casual chat you would otherwise have at the coffee machine or in the hallway.
Working from home can also sometimes cause a feeling of disconnection. Usually, you would only call your team-mates to talk about work. Having casual conversations as a scheduled activity organized by an app, makes sure everybody stays in contact and in a good mood.

Your team can only benefit from regular random coffee meetings.
Luckily, there is a wide selection of apps with different focuses.

1. Snack 🍫

Snack is a classic chat roulette app for Slack.
On specified intervals, it will match members of a channel together to have a virtual coffee together.

A bit unusual is that Snack comes with its own video chat system.

Snack pricing depends on the team size, but is around $2.00 per user month.

2. Hallway ☕️

The Hallway app for Slack is designed to remind your team to take regular breaks.
You can set it up to remind you to take one or several ten-minutes breaks throughout your workday. Then either the entire team can join for a group call over coffee or Hallway creates 1-to-1 matches.

Hallway is specifically designed for small remote teams. It tries to replace the coffee break which you usually would have with your team-mates when you are in the same office.

Hallway costs $2 per user month with a minimum of $30.

3. Donut 🍩

Donut is an entire suite of socializing tools. It can roll chat roulettes, post conversation starters in your channels, or organize onboarding of new team members.

Donut can do many things, but to fully shine you might need somebody from your HR department to configure it in a useful way and keep an eye on everything.

Donut can be used for free with limited features and up to 24 people. Regular plans are from $2.00 to $4.00 per user month.

4. Lunch Roulette 🍕

The Lunch Roulette app explicitly focuses on using lunch breaks to bring people together.
The app lets you set up recurring lunch or coffee roulettes for which random groups of channel members are picked.

A special feature is the option to require RSVPs to ensure you are not the only member of your group to show up in the restaurant.

Lunch Roulette is free up to 20 users and then costs between $0.50 and $2.00 per user month depending on team size (with smaller teams paying more).

5. Macarons 🧁

The Macarons Slack app focuses on chat roulettes for mid-size to larger teams.
Macarons will match random people from any channel to have a chat over a (virtual) coffee. With built-in and custom icebreakers, it is made to connect colleagues across teams and foster personal connection within an organization.

Macarons not only allows for specific scheduling of the chat roulettes. It also lets individual participants control how often they want to take part to limit meeting fatigue.

Macarons' pricing is quite simple. It costs $0.99 per user month.

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