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Lunchtime is the only real break in the workday for most people. And how people spend their lunch break is very individual. Some want to socialize, while others want to have some quiet time or do sports.

Yet, having lunch with your co-workers regularly is essential for team spirit and making work friends. Of course, lunch conversations with colleagues tend to revolve around work.
But the casual lunch atmosphere can spark new ideas and bring in more perspectives. Especially if a project team doesn't form a closed lunch-clique, but mingles with other teams for lunch.

Lunch roulette apps are a great way to mix-and-match employees for lunch. Using apps like Macarons, you can set up lunch lotteries to have random people have lunch together. This is especially effective when matching across teams. And as they might not know each other very well, the lunch lottery app can even provide fun icebreakers to get conversations started.
You can even setup food-interest groups as separate Slack channels like #taco-tuesday or #vegan-wednesday. Plus, you can control if you want to match larger groups together or foster more personal 1-on-1 encounters.

Lunch Roulette is a Slack app for scheduling and automating lunch groups and coffee breaks.
However, we think Macarons is a great alternative to Lunch Roulette.

Macarons vs. Lunch Roulette

Lunch Roulette is a dedicated Slack app for lunch lotteries.

If lunch lotteries or mix-and-match coffee breaks are your main goal, Lunch Roulette might be a good choice.

But if you want to have your team socialize both virtually and in real life with more options to control participation, Macarons is a great alternative to Lunch Roulette.

  Macarons Lunch Roulette
Unlimited roulette channels
Fine grained scheduling
Focus on lunch roulettes
Customize match group size
Built in icebreaker library
Custom icebreakers
Individual pause and skipping settings
Price per user $0.99 ca $0.50 – $2.00

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