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Virtual Hallway Meetings

Everybody who has worked in an office knows: the important and interesting information is exchanged in the hallway.
Hallway encounters are a great way to informally talk about current projects, but also to simply get to know your teammates better when you talk about your weekend activities. Such short conversations keep the team together.

Pixar most famously even built their office in such a way that people need to pass the lobby when they want to go to the bathroom. Why? Because then employees from all departments will randomly meet regularly.
This is exactly what chat roulette apps like Macarons do for remote and distributed teams: they create a virtual hallway. And just like in Pixar’s office, virtual hallway apps make sure, people from all teams meet randomly, tying all employees together.

Hallway, as the name says, is a Slack app for virtual hallway encounters.
However, we think Macarons is a great alternative to Hallway.

Macarons vs. Hallway

Hallway is an app for Slack to have your team take virtual breaks.

If you have a smaller team and want to make sure they take regular breaks together in order to keep up concentration and improve team spirit, Hallway might be a good choice for you.

Do you have a larger team and want to encourage team building? Or is your goal to connect people from different departments who rarely meet? Then Macarons is a better and cheaper alternative to Hallway.

  Macarons Hallway
Unlimited roulette channels
Fine grained scheduling
Automatic breaks based on working hours
Customize match group size
Built in icebreaker library
Custom icebreakers
Individual pause and skipping settings
Price per user $0.99 $2.00

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