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Coffee Roulette

Coffee breaks are so essential to modern-day office work that the coffee quality is even discussed in job interviews. And on the first day in any job, the coffee machine will be the first place you are shown.
But usually, it's not the quality of the office coffee that makes the coffee machine a central place in the office. It is that having a coffee is an opportunity to socialize with your co-workers and have some casual chat.

This social aspect of having a cup of coffee together is completely lost when you are working from home, however. And even if only part of your team is working remotely, you won't be able to meet everybody at the coffee machine.

With a coffee roulette app, you don't need to have that afternoon coffee alone when working from home. Schedule a virtual coffee break for everybody in a Slack channel and have a chat over coffee with a randomly selected colleague.

Snack is a Slack app for scheduling virtual coffee breaks.
However, we think Macarons is a great alternative to Snack.

Macarons vs. Snack

Snack is a chat roulette app for Slack that comes with its own video chat service.

If your focus is on matching team members for video calls, Snack might be a good option.

However, if you want to be more flexible and leave it to the participants if they want to do a video call or meet in person, Macarons is a great alternative to Snack.

  Macarons Snack
Unlimited roulette channels
Fine grained scheduling
Comes with own video call service
Customize match group size
Built in icebreaker library
Custom icebreakers
Individual pause and skipping settings
Price per user $0.99 ca. $2.00

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